For the third consecutive summer, alumni and new student members  converged on 1501 Sage Ave to improve the House. A number of projects were tackled:

  • stripping and preparing the Palladium window for reglazing and repainting
  • building a loading dock at the kitchen service entrance
  • excavating the rear side of the service shed (the hillside has been crushing the rear wall)
  • adding mini-blinds to all renovated rooms
  • painting several rooms not addressed in the recent Room Refresh work
  • and…

Al Silvia ’75 and John Freer ’98 tackle the Palladium window.

Building the loading dock with Mike Tillou ’94 and Eric Stoever ’04

General work

Finished Rooms

Lunch and Dinner

Smoothing, digging and filling at 1501 Sage Ave. John Roddy ’87 at the controls…

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