The Rensselaer Society of Engineers has a large network of approximately 800 alumni members  with wide ranging industry experience.  Despite the name, RSE alumni are not just engineers.  They encompass many other roles and professions, including doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, salespeople and executives.  Our alumni are involved in almost every area of business, including aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial, and communication.  Some alums are involved in cutting edge research while others are involved with transforming the digital frontier. 

RSE members are passionate about preserving the history of RSE and manage a dedicated museum in the National Register of Historic Places clubhouse located at 1501 Sage Avenue.  The museum showcases the history of our alumni including their achievements as students while attending RPI.  

RSE alumni have been active in many organizations during their time at RPI and continue to promote involvement with the RPI community.  

Being the only local organization at RPI, the alumni at RSE are very engaged with the student members and offer opportunities for internships, networking and other support.