Student Organization Commitee

The Student Organizing Committee (SOC) is formulating the structure of the RSE student member organization by defining the RSE key activities, the processes and support required for facilitating the key activities, the cadence in which the activities should be completed, the leadership positions required, and the recruitment of new members.  Some of the critical activities during the Spring 2022 semester are:

  • Developing the RSE key activities, processes, and support requirements   
  • Establishing the key leadership positions  
  • Recruiting new members 

RSE Student Organizing Committee Members 

  • Fiona Clark ‘ 23 Chair – Business Management and Design, Innovation and Society Dual Major
  • Vaskar Maskey ‘23  Business Administration and Management
  • Matt Carluccio ‘23 Aeronautical Engineering with an Economics of Quantitative Analysis Minor
  • Pete Crisileo ‘24 – Materials Science and Engineering major with a Mathematics and Economics minor
  • Zack Kubiak ‘23  – Math and Physics Dual Major
  • Kazuki Neo ‘23 – ITWS Major with a concentration in Machine and Computational Learning
  • Jessica Klemets ‘24
  • Greta Perez-Haiek ‘25 – Mechanical Engineering with a minor in AI
  • Bren Paul ‘25 – Computer Science, minoring in CogSci of AI and Entrepreneurship & Computational Finance
  • Jonah Mudse ‘22 – Co-Chair – Computer Science and ITWS