What RSE Offers

Student members of RSE have a rare opportunity to be part of the start of a new organization that can have a meaningful impact on the Rensselaer community and college life across the nation.  The student members of RSE, with the support of the RSE alumni, have an opportunity to transform RSE from a traditional fraternity model into a new co-ed student-run organization, focused on a mission of innovation, networking, and community events.  Being part of the creation of a new type of campus organization provides the benefits that include: 

  • Developing leadership skills through the experience of starting a “new venture” and establishing a strong foundation for the future of the new RSE. 
  • Gaining unique, meaningful, practical, resume-enhancing experience. 
  • Enhancing personal and professional development through a structured mentoring program that includes students, alumni, and faculty. 
  • Establishing a network of relationships with students, alumni, faculty, and the administration that will support you while at Rensselaer and throughout your career. 
  • Building life-long relationships gained through a living-learning organization that transcends your time at Rensselaer and beyond. 
  • Accessing a central campus facility, a focal point for activities of shared interests around collaboration, networking, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community service 
  • Supporting the Rensselaer educational experience to increase the value of your education and increasing your future employability.