RSE Student Member Experience

A New Direction 

The “new” RSE is a modern alternative to traditional “Greek life”: a trifecta of student self-governance, living-learning-collaboration, and personal/professional development – empowering members to pursue their many interests alongside like-minded peers beyond the classroom.

RSE has been part of RPI for over 150 years. We believe the stereotypical fraternity model no longer provides the value-added experience current students desire. The historic model has  resulted in occurrences of unacceptable conduct and suspensions by RPI. The RSE Alumni and the new student leaders are endeavoring to take RSE in a more modern direction to benefit students, alumni and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

RSE Mission 

RSE is a student-run society that advances leadership skills, cultivates innovation, and promotes social responsibilities by engaging the Rensselaer community and its resources through projects, events, and mentorship. 

RSE Vision 

  • Provide Rensselaer students with experiences and knowledge so they can explore their potential 
  • Prepare Rensselaer students to be future leaders through innovation, collaboration, and networking 
  • Connect the students and alumni of Rensselaer to build life-long relationships at Rensselaer and throughout their careers 

RSE Core Principles 

RSE is a new type of organization at Rensselaer created to fill the gap between academics, student clubs, and traditional social fraternities and sororities.  The new RSE is founded on the following core principles: 

Professional Development – RSE provides direct mentorship for students with RSE and RPI alumni as well as interactions faculty, investors, and corporations who are part of the student projects. 

Collaboration – RSE brings together students, alumni, and faculty to create an environment that enables students to pursue their passions and succeed personally and professionally. 

Networking – RSE develops member connections between students, alumni, faculty, within the RPI, Troy, and RSE communities through networking events, galas, socials, and lectures.  Membership in RSE allows students to create life-long relationships with other students, alumni and faculty becomes an important part of their personal and professional network 

Innovation – RSE showcases innovation through the work and accomplishments of RSE Members and the interdisciplinary projects they take part in. 

Central Campus Facility – The RSE Clubhouse is a prominent building on campus and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The facility is a focal point and for the members and its layout and configuration of the meeting spaces, studio spaces, and residential areas will fully support the activities of the members and the Rensselaer community. 

Community Service – RSE’s unique, 155-year relationship with Rensselaer provides an important platform to give back to the Rensselaer and Troy communities through community service projects. 

RSE Key Activities  

RSE delivers on its mission and core principles through the following key activities: 

Projects – Projects are collaborative ideas or goals that a student or students want to create or achieve within their time at Rensselaer. These projects can range from a small-scale semester-long project to a large group project that continues for several semesters. The project model provides an opportunity for those participating in their Independent Learning Experience (ILE) to work with students on-campus or on their Away semester to complete their projects. 

  • Student Projects – Students can bring project ideas and solutions to RSE to form a team or collaborate with an existing team to utilize the RSE model to complete their project. 
  • Alumni Projects – RSE and non-RSE alumni can also sponsor projects pertaining to their organizations and companies for student teams. These also include projects that align with furthering the development of RSE as an organization and are proposed and overseen by RSE alumni. 

Events – Events that embody and promote RSE’s mission will be hosted by RSE members and are open to the entire Rensselaer community. These can consist of guest lectures, volunteer drives, and other social events. 

Mentoring – The mentoring system will provide RSE members with mentors at various levels throughout the Rensselaer community to assist them in their personal, academic, and professional development.