Spring 2022 Activities

The approach to forming the new student RSE organization is similar to starting a new venture.  The new RSE project has been underway for 18 months now.  The activities have been fostered by the alumni, by members of the Student Organizing Committee with the guidance of Professor Clint Ballinger and students from the “Starting a New Venture” class in Spring 2021, the Summer 2021 MBA Practicum, and the Fall 2021 MBA Practicum.  In the Spring 2022 semester, we have begun the formation and execution phase which focuses on three areas: Student Organization Formation; Project Process Formulation; and TEDx Event Planning. 

Student Organization Formation  

The Student Organizing Committee is building the structure of the RSE student member organization by defining the RSE key activities, the processes and support required for facilitating these key activities, the cadence in which the activities should be completed, the leadership positions required, and the recruitment of new members.  Some of the critical activities for the Spring 2022 semester are: 

  • Developing the RSE key activities, processes, and support requirements
  • Establishing the key leadership positions
  • Recruiting new members

Project Process Formulation 

Student-led “projects” will be a key activity of the new RSE.  The Spring 2022 semester activity will focus on determining the structure of the project oversight and assistance function of RSE including: 

  • Specifying how projects will enter RSE’s organization 
  • Determining alumni oversight, support, and assignment process.
  • Detailing how project ideas get developed and introduced to the student body and welcoming collaboration among students.
  • Establishing the process and linkage with Independent Learning Experience (ILE) programs.  

TEDx Event Planning 

Another key activity of the new RSE will be organizing events that embody and promote RSE’s mission.  These events will be hosted by RSE members and are open to the entire Rensselaer community.  The first planned major event will be a TEDx event.  Spring 2022 activities have focused on organizing the TEDx event to be hosted at RSE for the entire RPI community in the Spring of 2023. The students will identify speakers for the event in tandem with a lecture topic that aligns with the goals of TEDx talks, Rensselaer’s Pillars, and RSE’s mission. 

Sample Deliverables: 

  • Speaker recruitment  
  • Financial and sponsorship plan 
  • Branding and Promotional Materials 
  • Venue Proposal 
  • Outline of the Event Activities