Major Work Underway at RSE in 2024

  • 3rd Cellar Egress  – This project will provide a second exit from the 3rd Cellar. Work has begun!! The 3rd Cellar wall has been cut through. Foundation is being laid. See the latest HERE!
  • 2nd and 3rd Bathroom Renovation – Replace the men’s only bathroom and restrooms with a unisex facilities to give us the ability to comfortably support women members. Permits approved by City of Troy, demolition is underway!

Smaller Alumni Projects in 2024
The Voting Box has been restored. Read the story HERE!
Work is underway on restoring handrails and the firewood elevator.

Door access open and concrete being broken up

Significant House Projects Over The Last Thirty Years

Room Renovation -2022-23
The RSE Foundation, Inc funded a prototype room renovation project.
Photos of the before and after work can be found HERE!

House Plumbing Replacement – 2015
The House plumbing infrastructure was replaced including the connections to the City of Troy sewer system.

Front Porch Restoration – 2012
The Front Porch had deteriorated significantly. The Front Porch deck was repaired, followed by a significant replacement of the parapet wall and a complete replacement of the Front Porch’s brick face. Watch the summary video HERE!

Boiler Replacement – 2010

Window Replacement – 2001
Replace all of the double hung windows and the Living Room windows. Plaques and some donors can be found HERE!

Electrical System Upgrade- ~1985
Replacing the 1924 knife switch panel with modern circuit breakers.

Apartment AFTER - Jan 2023 in Drafting Room (Photo by Mark Anderson '79)

Smaller House Projects of Significance

  • Replacement of the Kitchen Stove – 2016  50% Junior Members, 50% RSE Alumni
  • Restoration of the First Floor Light Fixtures – 2017  Classes of 2017, 2018, 2019, & 2020 The story is HERE!
Commemorative Plaque