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RSE Hobby Project Share Workshop- January 28, 2023

RSE Alumni, We currently have 5 students who have been busy reintroducing RSE to campus.  They are working to create a living-learning society where students have a place to explore and develop their innovative projects while residing at 1501 Sage Ave.  To assist in recruitment, a “Project Share” workshop 1501 Sage Ave is scheduled for […]

How RSE alum Herb Thal ’53 is Still Pushing Boundaries

It’s a bright Sunday morning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thousands of runners mill around expectantly, waiting to take part in the nation’s largest ten-mile race. The Broad Street Run draws around 27,500 runners every year to participate, and this year’s oldest participant is about to make history. Herb Thal ’53, an RSE alum and accomplished engineer, [...]

2022 RSE Reunion

On Saturday, October 8th, 2022, eighteen RSE Alumni Members plus several family members, visited the RSE Clubhouse in celebration of their various reunion years. (RPI was holding a multiyear reunion as COVID had prevented in-person meetings in previous two years.)  RSE members present ranged from the class of 1966 through 2004. The event at 1501 [...]

AAC October 2022 Update

Don Thoma '83 hosted the October 2022 AAC update. Twenty-three (23) alumni attended ranging in class years from 1963 to 2015. Don reviewed the new RSE concepts and discussed ongoing recruitment efforts and well as the continuing projects with MBA students. Over the last two years, the MBA students have conducted surveys, developed marketing strategies [...]

2022 Alumni Work Weekend

A number of alumni met at the House on the weekend of August 5-7, 2022, to prepare the Clubhouse for re-launching in-person campus activities in the Fall semester.  Trustee Charlie Adkins ’94 brought a long list of projects to the weekend, many of which were a continuation of the alumni efforts in summer 2021 toward [...]

A Seasoned Engineer’s Look Back to his Time at RSE

Roger L. Whiteley ’52 is an accomplished engineer and alumnus of RSE. The building and the community looked much different at the dawn of the 1950s, but the formative experiences and friendships that Whiteley had at the time remain the same at RSE today. Here’s a look into what RSE was like three-quarters of a [...]

New Annual Dues and Donor Levels for 2023

July 1, 2022 marks the beginning of RSE fiscal year 2023, and with the increasing costs related to our website and newsletter publications, we made the difficult decision to raise the yearly RSE Alumni Membership dues from $60 to $75.  Our goal has always been to keep the regular membership dues affordable and they have […]

Students Continue Fall 2022 Relaunch Planning

Following a significant effort this Spring, the plans for the Fall reintroduction of RSE onto campus are taking shape.  We have a great group of motivated students who have been working through the Summer on the specifics of the relaunch.  This student team consists of: Fiona Clarke ’23, Chair – Business Management and Design, Innovation […]

Smells like the 90’s! – The RSE mid-1990s Crew Catches Up on Zoom

On May 2nd, approximately 20 members from the mid-1990s met via Zoom to catch up on our time since graduation.   We had good participation from the decade that included:  Dan Butterfield ’92, Bob Cimini 92, Kai Hansen ’92, Lenny Lyon ’92, Eric Cohen ’93, Sanjiv Mody ’93, Jeroen Valensa ’93, Charlie Adkins ’94, Jon Bergman [...]