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First RSE Connect Zoom Meeting in January

On Thursday January 25, nearly 40 RSE alumni joined the first RSE Connect Zoom call. The event brought together members representing six decades. Don Thoma ’83 and Eric John ’95 opened the call with introductory remarks that included a short status of the RSE organization.  After the opening, alumni joined breakout room groups based on […]

RSEi Holds Huge End of Semester Event!

RSEi Holds Huge End of Semester Event! Ayaan Ahmad ’26 (PR Manager), Alex Heinle ’26 (President), Ben Knode ’26 (House Manager) To celebrate the success of the fall semester, and mainly our speaker series, Alex Heinle ’26 and Lucas Masotti ’26 came up with the idea of having a relaxing and entertaining event, one that [...]

Nominations for 2024 RSE Trustee Positions Open

The biennial RSE Trustee Elections are scheduled for April 2024.  Candidates for the various Trustees positions are now being solicited.  We are seeking new candidates to be active and involved members of the board as our organization continues to transition and adapt to the ever-changing campus environment.   For further information, please contact Eric Stoever ’04 at or 518-330-1986.  ***   Nominations […]


For the third consecutive summer, alumni and new student members  converged on 1501 Sage Ave to improve the House. A number of projects were tackled: stripping and preparing the Palladium window for reglazing and repainting building a loading dock at the kitchen service entrance excavating the rear side of the service shed (the hillside has [...]

Spring 2023 Trustee and Society Meeting Recap

RSE held eventful spring Trustee and Society meetings in Troy on Saturday, April 22, 2023.  We are pleased to report on several very positive developments for RSE that occurred during the meetings. The most significant event of the day was the induction of 17 students who have committed to be the inaugural class of the [...]

Starting a New Venture – Don Thoma ’83 AIREON

In the second RSEi event of the spring, Ben Knode '27 provided a welcome and introduction to the RSEi organization. Ben explained the mission and vision of the revived RSE, RSEi. The organization will focus on bringing like minded members together for a living learning experience at 1501 Sage Ave. Don Thoma ’83, CEO of [...]

RSE Students Kick-Off Event for Spring Semester 2023

RSEi, the Student organization of RSE, held an innovation “Show and Tell” Event at the Clubhouse on Saturday January 28th.  The event drew a crowd of over a dozen current students, prospective members, and alumni to discuss some innovative projects that they are working on.  A key part of the new mission of RSEi is [...]

RSE Hobby Project Share Workshop- January 28, 2023

RSE Alumni, We currently have 5 students who have been busy reintroducing RSE to campus.  They are working to create a living-learning society where students have a place to explore and develop their innovative projects while residing at 1501 Sage Ave.  To assist in recruitment, a “Project Share” workshop 1501 Sage Ave is scheduled for […]

How RSE alum Herb Thal ’53 is Still Pushing Boundaries

It’s a bright Sunday morning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thousands of runners mill around expectantly, waiting to take part in the nation’s largest ten-mile race. The Broad Street Run draws around 27,500 runners every year to participate, and this year’s oldest participant is about to make history. Herb Thal ’53, an RSE alum and accomplished engineer, [...]