RSE TRUSTEES 2022 - 2023

Tom Keating '75 President
B. S. Management, RPI<br /> Delta Air Lines, Inc. (retired)

Charlie E. Adkins Jr '94 Vice President
B. S. Mechanical Engineering, RPI<br /> MBA, IIT<br /> Army CPT (Retired)<br /> Professional Engineer (Illinois)<br /> Engineering Teacher, Round Lake High School

Jeff Gorss '66 Treasurer
B. S. Mechanical Engineering, RPI<br /> Professional Engineer (New York)<br /> Commercial pilot, instrument rating<br /> Consulting engineer (retired)
Eric Stoever '04 Secretary
B. S. Mechanical Engineering, RPI<br /> MBA, Union College<br /> American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)<br /> Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI)<br /> Senior Product Manager, Valmet

Adam Orsi '03 Information Technology Officer
B. S. Computer Science, RPI<br /> VP, Development, Flexwise Health

Joe Spinazola '15 Real Estate Officer

Jed DeFalco '78 Capital Improvements Officer
B. S. Materials Engineering, RPI<br /> MBA, RPI<br /> Helicopter pilot<br /> Supply Chain Executive (retired)<br /> Financial Adviser

Don Thoma '83 Member Relations Officer
B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, RPI<br /> M.S. Aerospace Engineering, USC<br /> MBA, Harvard Business School<br /> Capt. USAF (retired)<br /> CEO and Founder of Aireon, LCC

Chris Brown '94 Fund Raising Officer
B. S. Mechanical Engineering, RPI<br /> MBA, New York Institute of Technology<br /> Global Key Account Manager - tesa tape

Cary Nadel '77 Trustee At Large
B.S. Management, minor Psychology, RPI<br /> Market Research consultant (retired)<br /> College athletic scout

John Guerci '74 Trustee At Large
B. S. Nuclear Engineering, RPI<br /> M. E. Nuclear Engineering, RPI<br /> American Nuclear Society<br /> Manager, Nuclear Fuel Engineering, Dominion (retired)

Robert Whiting '16 Trustee At Large
B. S. Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering, RPI<br /> American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)<br /> Wind Tunnel Capability Integrator, Boeing

Mark Anderson '79 Tenant Relations Officer
B.S. Electrical Engineering, RPI<br /> M.E. Electrical Engineering, RPI<br /> Sr. Project Engineer, RPI