Spring 2023 Trustee and Society Meeting Recap

RSE held eventful spring Trustee and Society meetings in Troy on Saturday, April 22, 2023.  We are pleased to report on several very positive developments for RSE that occurred during the meetings.

The most significant event of the day was the induction of 17 students who have committed to be the inaugural class of the new RSEi undergraduate organization.  President Tom Keating ’75 welcomed meeting attendees, including invited guests Dr. Peter Konwerski – VP of Student Life, Ethan Stubbs – Dean of Fraternity and Sorority Commons, and Clint Ballinger, our new faculty advisor. The attendees included several alumni from the area Doug Koop ’63, Otto Zamek ’70, Larry Kissko ’70, Wes Lord ’72 and John Freer ‘98.

Don Thoma ’83 presented the students for formal induction during the afternoon Society Meeting.  Don read a letter from new RPI President Marty Schmidt both welcoming and congratulating the new RSEi members. Our new members were individually presented with induction certificates and copies of President Schmidt’s letter. Dr. Konwerski and Dean Stubbs offered additional words of support for the organization on behalf of RPI.

A recap in pictures is found at: New Member Event 2023

Following the Society meeting, Faculty Advisor Clint Ballinger and his brother, Barry, hosted a barbeque. Volleyball games and socializing characterized the rest of Saturday afternoon.

Other developments reported during the Trustee meeting included the Society finances and physical condition of the RSE Clubhouse.  Treasurer Jeff Gorss ’66 reported that the Society remains fiscally stable. Society finances have been stretched due to the Clubhouse being unoccupied for over three years. With 10+ students planning to live in the House starting in Fall 2023, Society finances are forecast to improve significantly.

Vice President Charlie Adkins ’94 provided an update regarding the physical condition of the House. The report highlighted upcoming remodeling plans to accommodate the new students and the Room Refresh renovations that were completed earlier this year.  He reported that all of the student live-ins for Fall 2023 are expected to have newly renovated second floor rooms.

In closing, we would like to offer a word of appreciation to Jeff Gorss ‘66 who announced that he is stepping down as Society Treasurer after 15 years (though he will remain on the RSE Board).   Jed DeFalco ’78 has been appointed to fulfill the remainder of Jeff’s term.  We would also like to recognize Don Thoma ‘83 and Charlie Adkins ‘94 for their extraordinary contributions with the students, alumni, and Clubhouse during the past three years.  RSE could not have come as far without their efforts.

A photo recap of the Trustees and Society Meeting is found at: RSE 2023 Spring Meetings

Trustees Meeting in Library
Attendees in the Living Room at 2023 Induction (Photo by Eric John '95)
Student and Alumni Spring 2023 (Photo by Mark Anderson '79)
The new members with Faculty Advisor, Clint Ballinger (Photo by Mark Anderson '79)
Post Induction Volleyball Game

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