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Spring 2019 Society Meeting

It wasn’t a warm day in Troy on April 13th for the Society meeting.  However we started promptly at 8 AM, and the two boards got directly to work.  The Junior Membership has been having a reasonably successful year navigating their suspension.  As predicted, the loss of a pledge class will be having a negative impact on RSE JM operations, however the current sophomores will be moving into 1501 Sage this fall. 

After reviewing the various officer reports the team separated into our Task Forces.  Cary Nadel ‘77 and Eric John ’95 joined our Live-In Advisor Pete Liporace to work on the Reinstatement Plan.  The Dean of Students Office currently requires that RSE completes a substantial document to apply for re-admission to Greek life.  Current RSE JM President Jack Graham ‘21 has led the JM EComm in separating this daunting task into smaller sections.  At this time we are expecting our initial submission in a few weeks, with inevitable revisions before we are approved in the fall.

While that group was working, Don Thoma ‘83 joined Rush Chairman Jake Hodgson ‘20 and the JM team to continue working on the Rush Plan for Fall ’19.  As RSE has continued to develop our core values, this has impacted the Rush goals.  RSE will continue to recruit students of character, in accordance with the school guidelines.  In the current RPI climate with the upcoming recommendations of the Greek Life Task Force and the implementation of the ARCH program, creating a viable Rush plan is more complicated than ever before.  In addition to reviewing and implementing all RPI expectations, the JM’s have already scheduled “Phired Up” recruitment education program to aid the brotherhood with recruiting future members.

As we used to say, Rush is the most important house function.  However, over the last few years the Board of Trustees has been taking a closer look at our New Member Education Program.  Working on this is Mark Vince ‘75Mark Anderson ‘79, and Will Furst ‘19.  Our current suspension has given us the time to spend on examining the entire program from a global view.  Every event in the program has been directly linked to RSE’s core values, is fully documented, and is designed to create a smooth path for recruited students to become leaders in RSE. 

The Society Meeting began and 3 PM in the Living Room, and was a positive conclusion to the weekend.  The Junior Membership is working diligently to return to a recognized status for the Fall Semester, and it is our responsibility as Alumni to aid them.  There are multiple ways to assist RSE, so please consider contacting us to help.
The Fall ’19 meeting will be on September 28th, 2019 at our House.  There will be a small ceremony to recognize our home’s 95th year of supporting our Members.  Please consider joining us for a productive and focused weekend.

Let me know if you have any questions at or at (847) 989-4424. 


Charlie Adkins ‘94

Real Estate Officer


Charlie Adkins ’95 Leading the 2019 Spring Society Meeting

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