2022 RSE Reunion

On Saturday, October 8th, 2022, eighteen RSE Alumni Members plus several family members, visited the RSE Clubhouse in celebration of their various reunion years. (RPI was holding a multiyear reunion as COVID had prevented in-person meetings in previous two years.)  RSE members present ranged from the class of 1966 through 2004.

The event at 1501 Sage included a buffet style lunch featuring beverages, sub sandwiches, wraps, macaroni salad, assorted cheeses, and a variety of gourmet cookies, served in the Dining Room.  The afternoon was filled with interesting conversations and recollections about past activities at the House.  Everyone enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  Several attendees took tours of the House to view the remodeling that has been completed thus far on the Second Floor.

While reunions surely stir different feelings, I think the following paragraphs from Ellie Peterson reach some common thread in most of us.  These paragraphs are quoted verbatim, as received from Ellie:

“When Jed invited me to add some remarks to this publication about reunion weekend, I was flattered and happily agreed to assist him in this worthy cause. Perhaps at the time he was unaware of my loquacious tendencies. That being said, I will try to be succinct in my ramblings.

When I first became aware of this reunion, I was pleasantly surprised that my name had still been included on the RSE Alumni list, after all, it’s not like I was a brother. When I had several calls and e-mails I was sure that this was something that I would like to attend, and now I feel so grateful that the brotherhood reached out to me.

The weekend was a reminder to me how very blessed my life is and has been because of the friendships that we have had over the past fifty years.  Catching up with the ‘Buds’ after so many years brings to my mind and my  heart an old expression that goes ‘Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver but the other is gold.’  Thanks my dear RSE brothers for being the gold in my life and the lives of many others.

The House renovations seem to be in order but I was never the engineer to make that assessment. The one thing that I did note, that for the first time in my RSE life, I ate in the Living Room! I thank you all for a great time and I ask God to bless each and every one of you.  As ever, Missellie, Herself”

At the end of the RSE open house, all the attendees signed the RSE Guest Book.

The open house was organized by Eric John ’95, Jed DeFalco ’78 and Ellie Peterson ‘73.  Other Trustees in attendance were Jeff Gorss ’66, Tom Keating ’75, and Eric Stoever ’04.

The Alumni in attendance were:

Jeff Gorss ’66, Vic Twadell ’66, Bruce & Susan Lake ‘70, Otto & Bethany Zamek ‘70, Bill & Lee Palmer ’70, Joseph & Debbie Zahka ‘70, John Casana ‘72, Wes & Mary Lord ’72, Rich & Judy Junker ’71, Ken Pedone ’72, Alan & Diane Williams ’72, Arnie & Adele Goldenbaum ’72, Kalle & Vicki Konston ’72, Ellie Peterson ‘73, Tom Keating ’75, Jed DeFalco ‘78, Tim McKee ‘71, Eric John ’95, and Eric Stoever ‘04 (the young guy!).

More pictures from the Reunion can be found in the Reunion 2022 Photo Gallery.

RSE Alumni Members RPI Reunion Weekend - combined 50th for '70, '71, '72, October (Photo by Judy Junker)
Clockwise from lower left: Eric John '95, Wayne Coleman '70, Wesley Lord '72, Rich Junker '71, Jed DeFalco '78, Mary Lord, Ken Pedone '72, and Ellie Peterson.

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