A graduate of the class of 1889, Edwin S. Jarrett was among a new generation of Rensselaer engineering who looked not at railroads as the future of engineering but to skyscrapers and buildings.  After returning to his native New York City Jarrett found success and reknown in the design and development of new techniques for constructing building foundations.  Throughout his successful career, Jarrett never forgot his commitments to his fellow RSE members and to Rensselaer.  He frequently collaborated with other members and helped new graduates find jobs.  In the early 1920’s when the RSE building committee worked to build the Clubhouse Jarrett led the efforts to raise the necessary funds and solicit alumni support. Jarrett also maintained a close relationship with RPI, first as a member of the school’s board of trustees, and then in 1934, as the interim President following the death of Palmer Ricketts.