Smells like the 90’s! – The RSE mid-1990s Crew Catches Up on Zoom

On May 2nd, approximately 20 members from the mid-1990s met via Zoom to catch up on our time since graduation.   We had good participation from the decade that included:  Dan Butterfield ’92, Bob Cimini 92, Kai Hansen ’92, Lenny Lyon ’92, Eric Cohen ’93, Sanjiv Mody ’93, Jeroen Valensa ’93, Charlie Adkins ’94, Jon Bergman ’94, Chris Brown ’94, Darrell Mockus ’94, Scot Sahai ’94, Jim Simon ’94, Ken Takeda ’94, Pat Doran ’95, Eric John ’95, Scott Cummings ’96, Damon Wagner ’96, Jeff Waskiewicz ’97, Peter Kontogiannis ‘01

Members from the 1990s on Zoom

It had been a long time since many of us had connected. Reminiscing and talking about our time living together in the House brought back many memories.  Darrell Mockus ’94 shared a website with photos he had uploaded from our time at RSE. We had great fun talking about the different events and seeing how we looked back then.

Realizing that some of us now live near each other, or where work takes us frequently, generated discussion about getting together in person, and the possibility of an in-person reunion.  There were many members that wanted to join, but couldn’t make it, and asked if there would be another call.  No call has been scheduled yet, but based on the strong response, another virtual meeting later this year is likely and will include the all 1990s graduates.

We’d encourage other RSE members to arrange similar calls with their classmates.

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