RSE Students Kick-Off Event for Spring Semester 2023

RSEi, the Student organization of RSE, held an innovation “Show and Tell” Event at the Clubhouse on Saturday January 28th.  The event drew a crowd of over a dozen current students, prospective members, and alumni to discuss some innovative projects that they are working on.  A key part of the new mission of RSEi is to create a living-learning organization that will provide a place for students to work on innovative projects and interests while building a strong network with their fellow student members and alumni.

The student projects included a discussion on internet technologies, an app to help nonprofit foodbanks manage food supplies and meals, crypto mining hardware, video game controller mods with Hall effect sensors, and a battery powered electric bike!  They followed up with a discussion about the projects and RSEi and of course had some famous RSE’s own “Martins Chips” provided by Butch Potter ’82.  The students also had a chance to see the facility and look at the room renovations and potential space for working on the projects in the third cellar.

Thanks to Bren, Ben, Harper, Farris, Kazu, and Fiona who have been organizing the campus activities.  Also, thanks to Kevin Ahearn ’84 and Eric Stoever ‘04 for attending from the alumni side.   The sign of a successful event is we added several new students who are joining in the planning for the next event.

Keep your eye out for our next event on February 11th.  If you are in the Troy area, please stop by the House at 1:00 PM.

Kazuki Neo '24 discusses Internet technologies (Photo by Eric Stoever '04)
Show_N_Tell_2023_2 Aidan Rainere describes his work(Photo by Eric Stoever '04)
Show N Tell_2023 (Photo by Eric Stoever '04)
Show_N_Tell_2023_In the 3rd Cellar (Photo by Eric Stoever '04)

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