Necessary Upgrades Required to the Clubhouse to Weather the COVID-19 Storm

These are interesting times, and RSE faces challenges across our organizational structure.  Regarding our building, we have continued making progress on multiple fronts.  As a result of RPI requiring the evacuation of all Greek Housing because of COVID-19, we took a number of measures. 

Local RSE members including Mark Anderson ‘79Joe Spinazola ‘15 and Isaiah Stanley ‘19 assisted the House Manager Zach Alexander ‘21 to support the Junior Membership with shutting down and securing the building.  With the assistance of Mark Vince ‘75 we have worked to reduce the operating overhead expenses of the building as much as possible.

One the major upgrades that the Board completed was the installation of a security system.  This system is integrated directly with the current fire alarm system, and completely secures the building from unauthorized entry.  This is accomplished through a variety of sensor packages throughout the structure.  The outside perimeter of 1501 Sage property is now monitored with an external camera system.

The Board is taking this crisis as a prompt to return the Treasurer’s safe to working order.  A new locking mechanism has been installed. This safe is used to store some of our historical items securely until we are back to an operating status.

RSE is preparing for the next step in our 154 year existence, and as the building closes in on being 100 years old we are taking measures to protect it.  All alumni are still welcome to come and visit our house, just contact the REO Charlie Adkins ’94 to get the necessary access codes. 


Charlie Adkins ‘94

Real Estate Officer

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