Summer Students Assist in RSE 3.0 Launch Preparations

RSE 3.0 received a big boost from students this summer as Professor Clint Ballinger of the Lally School sponsored a project with his summer MBA Practicum class.

The team consisted of six undergraduate students: Vaskar Maskey, Varsha Jayaprakash, Chang Liu, Sergio Silva, Tristan Gueye, and Ethan Joseph.  The students met with us weekly this summer including in-person workshop at RPI on July 16th.  Building on the work of Fiona and Jonah during the Spring “Starting a New Venture” class, the Practicum fleshed out the central activities of student-run RSE 3.0 organization and outlined a communications strategy for RSE 3.0. The students focused on how to keep many of the core fellowship principles of RSE and structure it as a student run society that advances leadership skills, cultivates innovation, and promotes social responsibilities by engaging the Rensselaer community and its resources through projects, events, and mentorship.  There was lots of interest from students in the concept of enabling RSE to become the hub for “student-run projects” focused on innovation, professional development and topics of interest to the students. Activities under RSE 3.0 may even be a means for students to get Independent Learning Experience (ILE) credit for activities and meet their Semester Away Arch requirement. 

The students also further developed the concept of mentoring in the context of RSE.  This includes three types of mentors – student mentoring (think “big brother”), alumni development (career), and faculty mentoring (subject matter expertise).  The students also identified a structure for RSE events to embody the core mission and values of RSE, support member recruitment, and serve RPI and broader community.  Finally, the students began developing the elements and messaging of the Fall communications campaign for the relaunch of RSE.

Clint has sponsored a second Practicum for this Fall.  The team has already been selected and we kick off the program the week of September 13th.  Fiona and Jonah and the summer Practicum students plan to stay involved in the Fall activities. Our objectives for the Fall will be to further develop the RSE 3.0 plan, implement a communications program to educate the RPI campus reflecting the mission and activities of RSE 3.0 including a relaunch of RSE, develop a draft financial model for the student-run part of RSE, and develop a leadership team for RSE 3.0.  A number of the AAC members will be working with the Students this Fall including Mark Vince ‘75, Cary Nadel ‘77, Don Thoma ’83, Mike Tillou ’94, and Rob Whiting ’16.

RSE 3.0 is gaining momentum.  If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please let me know.


Don Thoma ‘83

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