RSE 3.0 Gets the Boot! The LL Bean Boot, That Is

RSE 3.0 was introduced to campus on Tuesday October 12th and Wednesday October 13th, when the Rensselaer Union and Collegiate Store in collaboration with RSE hosted the LL Bean Pop-Up store in the RSE parking lot. 

 The opportunity was identified by Jonah Mudse ’22 and Fiona Clark ’23, the two MBA students who have been working with us to create RSE 3.0 and reintroduce the new RSE to campus.  We received support from Dr. Charlie Potts, the Director of the Student Union.  The Fall MBA Practicum jumped on the opportunity and quickly created some of the marketing materials shown here.  This Pop-Up event fits nicely with the Fall objective to develop the communications plan for RSE 3.0.

Fiona and Jonah, as well as the practicum students from the summer and current semesters staffed a table next to the pop-up store, which provided the opportunity introduce new students to new RSE. Remember, the students have been away from campus since March 2020 and, with the RSE suspension, RSE as well as our current plans are not well known. The Pop-Up event was well attended and provided a great opportunity to make connections for upcoming recruiting activities.

Thanks to Fiona and Jonah and Mark Anderson ’79Cary Nadel ’77Mark Vince ‘75 and Rob Whiting ’16 for their assistance in capitalizing on this opportunity to reintroduce RSE to campus.


Don Thoma ‘83

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