New Annual Dues and Donor Levels for 2023

July 1, 2022 marks the beginning of RSE fiscal year 2023, and with the increasing costs related to our website and newsletter publications, we made the difficult decision to raise the yearly RSE Alumni Membership dues from $60 to $75.  Our goal has always been to keep the regular membership dues affordable and they have not increased for more than 20 years. However, as everyone is experiencing these days, costs are increasing, and RSE is not immune to this phenomenon.  Every contribution is helpful and regular donations are essential to cover the cost of our regular communication to the alumni.

Donations above and beyond the regular membership enable RSE to undertake more significant renovations and necessary improvements to the Clubhouse.  The new donor levels are designed to encourage member support with a nod to the clubhouse address as the new Jarrett Society level, 1501 Sage Ave.

Honor Roll Level Fiscal 2023 Donor Amounts
Regular Membership $75
1866 Club $150 – $299
Pi Eta Society $300 – $499
President’s Association $500 – $999
Lockhart Society $1,000 – $1,500
Jarrett Society $1,501 +

The contributions of donors to RSE and The RSE Foundation can be found on the Honor Roll.

*Donor levels are calculated based on donations to both the RSE Society and the RSE Foundation.  In addition, any RSE Foundation employer matches are included in calculating an individual donor level.

2 thoughts on “New Annual Dues and Donor Levels for 2023

  1. is there an easy way for donors to check how much they’ve given for the current fiscal year? If not, that might be helpful 🙂 Just thought of this!

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